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Upgrade Process

VSA R9.1 Upgrade

The future is here!

Before Installing R9.1

Version R9.1 introduces several new requirements and prerequisites which you can get ready for now! Please click here to review the R9.1 Install/Upgrade Checklist for release notes, important prerequisites and installation instructions.

To Install Kaseya VSA R9.1

Run KInstall - it will automatically locate, download and install the R9.1 release. You can run Kinstall from the machine Kaseya is installed in by going to Start->Programs->Kaseya; under that program group you will see KInstall as one of the programs you can run.


If you cannot locate the KInstall program, you can download it from:

If you have issues during the upgrade, please do not hesitate to contact support at:

Thank you for your continued partnership with Kaseya!