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The M&A Operational Playbook for MSPs

M&A is changing the MSP landscape. Both vendors and MSPs are part of a fast-moving shift in consolidation. More capital will be put to work in 2021 than ever before. Even if your plan is not to sell your business, you will be impacted by the changes driven by a wave of private equity capital. What you will learn during this session:

  • How to make company valuation a key metric in your business plan
  • Small changes you can make today that will make your MSP more valuable
  • How to prepare for a changing competitive landscape
  • The top 3 M&A mistakes that most MSPs make

Every MSP will be impacted by the coming wave of increased M&A activity. You need to be prepared to thrive in a new environment. If you are an MSP leader, you don’t want to miss what Gary has to say.

Our Speaker

Gary Pica

Gary Pica
Industry Expert and TruMethods President

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M&A Webinar with Gary Pica
2pm EST / 11am PST



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