The IT Toolkit: Mastering Automation Series

Complimentary VSA Automation Training Series for IT Professionals

What is it?

The IT Toolkit: Mastering Automation is a Complimentary Hands-On training series in which you will receive specific instructions on how to implement automation tasks so you can get more out of your investment in VSA.   All classes are taught by VSA experts and will cover real-world topics enabling you to leave the session ready to implement a specific set of automation in your VSA environment.


Each session starts with an instructor-guided overview of the business benefits and how to implement the specific automation solution to solve for real-world scenarios. This is followed by hands-on practical application in your environment with a team of expert instructors ready to guide and assist you every step of the way in dedicated breakout rooms to ensure your success.   Each session has a specific topic and you can signup for the session or sessions that meet your specific needs.

Get Started Now!

Login to Kaseya University learner dashboard at and look for the training series called "The IT Toolkit: Mastering Automation Series" - then simply sign up for the classes you wish to attend.  If you don't already have a Kaseya University Account, just email us your name, company and the email addresses you want to have access and we'll create a free Kaseya University Account for you and your team -  Click Here to Email Us.


  • Automation Experts

    Hands-On VSA Automation Implementation Guidance, delivered by VSA Automation Experts

  • Tangible Outcomes

    Cultivated Automation topics to achieve tangible business outcomes

  • Increase Efficiency

    Increased operational efficiency and reduced manual labor hours

  • Boost Productivity

    Tangible productivity boost to streamline monitoring and increase agent visibility and reporting telemetry

Complimentary Automation training series designed for all skill levels. You can find the program registration on your Kaseya University learner dashboard.