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Boosting IT Security in 2021

The European Medicines Agency was recently targeted by a cyberattack in December 2020 with an aim to gain unauthorised access to COVID-19 related documents. Given the drastic operational evolution that businesses have undergone in 2020, the risk of cyberattacks has gone up considerably too. MSPs and IT teams face a daunting task to maintain security in the face of these threats. Join us for a webinar on the key cybersecurity challenges we're all facing and the role of RMM / endpoint management solutions in enhancing IT security.

Learn about:

  • Critical cybersecurity threats for 2021
  • The role of RMM / Endpoint Management tools in security
  • How Kaseya VSA helps you meet IT security challenges-- see a live demo

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Boosting IT Security in 2021
14:00 GMT / 15:00 CET



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