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Automating Foundational Cybersecurity With VSA

Ransomware attacks are increasing at an exponential velocity, making complete utilization of your IT toolkit necessary for survival. In this environment, a critical yet often overlooked tool essential for bolstering security is your endpoint management solution. A best-in-class solution can leverage automation to detect and remediate both software-based vulnerabilities and in-progress ransomware attacks.

In our webinar, we'll explain how to fully leverage your endpoint management solution to deliver top-tier IT security with features like patching, configuration hardening and ransomware detection.

You'll also hear real-life stories about how IT professionals are leveraging Kaseya VSA's automation capabilities to neutralize ransomware threats in real-time. Join us to learn how to protect your organization's assets proactively.

Our Speakers

Keanan Ball
Sr. Director Product Marketing, Kaseya

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Automating Foundational Cybersecurity With VSA
2pm ET



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